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Do Your Office Seating Choices Matter?

If you’re working within an office, you’ll most likely be sat down for long periods of time during the day. This is where your seating arrangement becomes more than just a seat. A normal working day will see you inside the office for around 8 hours. Within those 8 hours it’s essential that you have a chair that is comfortable, helps with posture and offers support to your body.

Finding the right chair for the office design and most importantly for your employees is a bigger decision than most realise. What are the options out there and what styles are best for back support?

The Kara Desk Chair

Designed with a plastic frame and mesh seating, the Kara desk chair offers support to your body in many ways. The mesh moves with the movement of your body to ensure your back is supported during long periods of being sat down.

In addition to the materials used, the design includes a tilting feature which enables movement to stretch and adjust throughout the day.

The Coza Chair

With a shell like back to the chair, which offers a curve to comfortably support your back, the Coza chair will be a great selection for all environments. The Coza style also includes arms, which again, will allow you to sit straight with additional arm support as and when required.

The base of the chair uses castors wheels, offering a supportive, easy to move chair. Being the ideal option for most sectors.

Kruze Chair

Opting for a high back solution is a great option. Sitting with a high back chair will be sure to keep your posture in check and encourages you to sit upright, keeping your body healthy.

Similarly to the Coza chair, the Kruze chair has arms. A design with arms, welcomes a extra support needed to rest your arms and contributes to a comfortable sitting position.


In conclusion, yes, selecting the right chair for your business is incredibly important. As a business, you need to ensure your workers are comfortable and have the best setting possible to support them with comfort and productivity.


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