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Batter-fried chicken – the key to success in the F&B industry

Chicken dominates at Polish homes, and it is an uncontested leader among takeaway meat dishes. Its secret in restaurants lies in the method of preparation, which includes the right marinade and a golden-brown batter. The coating mix lets restaurants prepare chicken and fish dishes in a much shorter time.

Before starting their business, future restaurant owners should invest a little time in market research to check on the needs and wants of their prospective clientele. A menu based on fried chicken is a sure success on the market. People like chicken dishes, even more so when the crispy chicken is inside sandwiches with all the right vegetables.

An ideal chicken coating

People expect a lot from the chicken coating mix. It should be crispy, golden-brown, appetizing, covering the entire piece of chicken meat. The batter should highlight the tasty qualities of the meat.

For the batter to have its desired effect, it should be appropriately applied to the meat beforehand. Deep frying chicken or fish for 3 and 4 minutes, respectively, allows the coating to reach the right color and crunchiness.

The aesthetic presentation of the dish is equally important as its taste as people first eat with their eyes, before placing an order in a restaurant. Chicken covered in the flaky, deep-fried batter is a tempting proposition that awakens the senses of sight, smell, and touch as much as taste. The flaky batter gives the chicken a fuller look, desired by hungry customers.

How the chicken coating-mix looks like

To save a lot of time, restaurant owners often choose to use ready available marinades and coting to make deep-fried dishes. By doing so, they add consistency to the look, taste, and smell of the dishes. No one could say their deep-fried chicken isn’t properly battered. The coating isn’t falling off the meat, and the dish is consistently seasoned the same way.

It may seem surprising that the chicken coating mix in its packaging has a look of a white powder, without the flakes. It is only during the frying process that the batter receives its distinctive look, shape and taste.

Many have attempted to recreate the famous KFC deep-fried chicken at home, which proved to be difficult as the recipe is a well-kept company secret.

The article has been written in collaboration with Producer Professional coating mix for restaurants – hollypowder.com